Leadership Coaching

My Leadership Coaching will help to give you the tools to become a better manager and inspire your team to produce the best output possible

What makes a good leader? Some would say some good leadership coaching. Why? Because it is as you understand yourself and learn how to effectively communicate that you can be the leader you want to be.

In these days of uncertainty, volatility, ambiguity and complexity (VUCA) it can become a minefield managing staff in all their shapes, sizes, strengths, weaknesses and complexities.

It can be a challenge to mentor and inspire, if you do not allow yourself space to get to grips with who you are. If you are to be all you can be, you need to discover your own strengths that are sometimes hidden in the mists of time.

My Leadership coaching sessions are here to help you develop and nurture the talent already within your team.

Based in Tunbridge Wells, but working across Kent in Sevenoaks, Tonbridge, Maidstone and London I am able to easily work remotely via Skype or in a mutually agreed place or my office base.

What will leadership coaching do for you?

  • – Leadership coaching will, in the same way as executive coaching, provide you with a platform from which to view and understand yourself better.
  • – It will enable you to develop new skills as you set goals and achieve your aims.
  • – It will support you as you examine in detail how you lead and to make the changes necessary.
  • – It will enhance the work-place environment as you refine your skills.
  • – It will build resilience in you and thus improve how you manage and retain staff.

What does leadership coaching look like?

  • – It is confidential.
  • – It is focused work that supports change.
  • – It is creative looking at different ways to manage staff.
  • – It supports learning.
  • – It is challenging and life changing

Please contact me via my e mail: susie@thebespokecoach.com or via my mobile +447968669648 if you would like to book a chemistry call. I look forward to speaking with you.

“Susie coached me on relationships with my mother, wife, staff and on line management. I gained confidence; becoming the real me and be more assertive. I developed a more pro-active approach to managing work and colleagues.

I was able to cultivate an adult-to-adult relationship with a demanding, difficult and offensive elderly mother; take possession of more ‘space’ at home and develop a better decision making role and re-evaluating childhood issues.

Susie’s interest in her clients is genuine and it is rewarding to speak to someone who is attentive. She interprets accurately and sensitively and clearly enjoys her work. She questions and challenges and makes one think and work positively. I would recommend her.”

Simon Bradburn

“Susie advised Level Water as an Executive Coach over a period of six weeks. She has supported me (Director / CEO) as we’ve worked through organisational, leadership and management questions. Susie’s combined abilities of counselling and executive coaching were clear throughout the process, which gave us a very human touch … we didn’t just work on organisation and leadership, but also on the people – motivation, productivity, desire, relationships. If you are looking for this person-centred approach to Executive Coaching, I would recommend Susie!”

  • Ian Thwaites, CEO at Level Water


​You can meet me in my consulting room​ ​in Tunbridge Wells​. Alternatively I can travel to you ​in ​​Sevenoaks, Tonbridge, Maidstone ​and surrounding areas in Kent​ and London​. There is​,​​ in fact​, no limit to location ​because ​we can have successful coaching sessions via Skype​.
I look forward to working with you.