Executive Coach

As an Executive coach, I work with both men and women in senior positions to support them to remain strong and resilient in a world of high pressure.

Over time I have found myself coaching more executives, supporting them to live and work in successful ways.

I provide a space to build a relationship of trust and discretion that is so necessary when working with those at the top.

I am known as a challenging and authentic coach, unafraid to ask the questions needed to ensure that my clients are the best they can be and addressing their coping strategies.

In the end as your Executive Coach, it’s about me understanding them and thus them understanding themselves better and being able to draw more on their strengths that sometimes get depleted when working at a senior level.

What would executive coaching look like for you?

  • -It is confidential and discrete providing a safe space to examine your life.
  • -It challenges your work-life balance and stress levels
  • -It supports you to manage when the rubber hits the road and there is nowhere to turn.
  • -It challenges the unhealthy patterns and habits that may have developed over time.

Would you benefit from Executive coaching?

  • – If you are in a senior position and are aware that a confidential space to look at and understand yourself would be of benefit, then Executive coaching is for you.
  • – If you are aware that the isolating factors that affect most leaders are resulting in habits that need to be addressed, then Executive coaching is for you.
  • – If you are the visionary that drives the organisation, but have little time to understand yourself, then Executive coaching is for you.
  • -If you are often stressed with the many plates you have to spin, then Executive coaching will enable you to re-frame and order your thoughts and life.

Does executive coaching need to be face to face?

Executives are by nature busy, productive people and so a versatility is necessary if executive coaching is to be accessed by them.

In order to accommodate and not limit those that I work with, I successfully use Skype when appropriate. 

For more information about my bespoke Executive coaching services, please contact me today to book a free consultation

“Susie creates an environment that gives space for reflection, simple pragmatic tools to guide thinking, and a healthy pinch of challenge to delve deeper into the DNA of who you really are. This fresh insight allows you to take new steps and build a different tomorrow.”

  • Steve Marsh, Extensive Launch Implementation Experience partnering with numerous Pharma’s to deliver value

“I carried out a great deal of research before contacting Susie as I wanted to work with someone who had experienced real life with its ups and downs prior to becoming a coach.  I wasn’t sure what to expect from the sessions, but immediately found Susie to be someone who was very easy to talk to and trustworthy. She has demonstrated a great skill in being able disaggregate my goals into smaller manageable tasks, so rather than trying to focus on everything at once, the sessions concentrate on one particular milestone. I come away from every session enthusiastic with a better understanding of how to achieve what it is I’m after.  The sessions with Susie have helped me both in my personal development at home, retaining my staff and achieving business goals.  I would certainly recommend Susie to anyone looking for guidance, as the results for me have been very tangible.”

  • Nick


​You can meet me in my consulting room​ ​in Tunbridge Wells​. Alternatively I can travel to you ​in ​​Sevenoaks, Tonbridge, Maidstone ​and surrounding areas in Kent​ and London​. There is​,​​ in fact​, no limit to location ​because ​we can have successful coaching sessions via Skype​.
I look forward to working with you.