Transforming Business Meetings Programme

Meetings can be a fantastic opportunity to share ideas, but sometimes they do not provide space needed for the best creative thinking. This programme focuses on making your meetings work better for you and others.

In these challenging times where many meetings are conducted remotely TMP can be adjusted to meet your needs.

In today’s business world, the traditional meeting format is no longer working. Long meetings that include large numbers of people are often unproductive and can leave attendees feeling frustrated and disengaged.

Transformative business meeting coaching can help your team make the most of your meeting time by focusing on key objectives and creating an environment that is conducive to productive discussion.

In addition, transformative business meeting coaching can help you learn new techniques for facilitating discussion, managing difficult personalities, and keeping the meeting focused on its goals.

As a result, you will be able to transform your meetings into opportunities for growth and progress.

What is a transformed business meeting?

Transformed meetings provide a safe structured space that contain vital components that all are familiar with before they enter the room.

They ensure that everyone knows what is happening.

There are not nasty surprises and the usual dread at the thought of meeting is diminished significantly.

The 10 components used in the thinking environment provide a robust business meeting space.

  • Attention: when we experience the attention of others, we feel respected
  • Equality: knowing we are regarded as equal supports clear thinking.
  • Ease: when we relax and have ease together good thinking occurs
  • Appreciation: being appreciated for who you are impacts us greatly
  • Encouragement: Encouragement introduces to the feeling of honour
  • Feelings: so often we put our feelings away to prevent vulnerability.
  • Information: clearly run meeting remove nasty surprises that silence people
  • Diversity: the need to be accepted, valued, and supported embraces difference
  • Incisive questions: precise focused questions
  • Place: surroundings to support good communication

Taking the time to run a ‘transform your meeting programme’ is an investment in your business that will have a long-lasting positive impact.

What is a business meeting?

In the workplace environment meeting are frequent.

  • Meetings for planning.
  • Meetings for strategy.
  • Team meetings
  • Appraisal
  • 1:1 colleague meeting
  • Board meetings
  • Shareholder meetings
  • B2B
  • Client meetings
  • Zoom meetings
  • Face to face

There are so many different types of meeting and so the need to have them run as effective spaces for all personality types is vital.

People are different but all have the need to belong.

We all need to have space to share our thoughts knowing we will not be interrupted.

The extrovert may need a structure, a framework to know they will have time to share as much as the introvert, who will find it difficult if there is no designated time for them.

Why do we need to change the way we run our business meetings?


    • Too many people have experienced meetings where they are ignored and talked over.
    • Too many meetings are run by the most senior person whose voice is the only voice in the room (Online or face to face)
    • The loudest personality in the room overwhelms everything.
    • The agenda is pre-set and there is no room for discussion
    • Badly run meetings impact the bottom line due to talent feeling stifled
    • Introverted talent is crushed and voiceless
    • Vision is limited
    • The great resignation flourishes and people continue to leave in droves.
    • Toxic culture
    • There is a fertile void where people are not listened to
    • Inequality
    • Extroverted talent do not have their needs met when they are silenced.
    • Client conversation is often angry and accusatory
    • There is no understanding of different view due to the defensive stance taken.
    • No one listens well.

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