Executive Coaching

As an Executive Coach, I work with both men and women in senior positions to support them to remain strong and resilient in a world of high pressure.

Executive coaching has become a popular development tool for business leaders in recent years. While the concept of coaching is not new, the term “executive coaching” specifically refers to the process of helping individuals improve their performance in the workplace.

Executive coaching is a type of professional development in which a business leader works with a coach to improve their performance in the workplace.

The process typically involves setting goals, assessing progress, and providing feedback. Executive coaching can benefit both the individual and the organisation as a whole. For individuals, coaching can help to improve job satisfaction and performance.

For organisations, coaching can lead to increased productivity and profitability. In addition, coaching can help to build a strong culture of accountability and excellence within an organization. When done correctly, executive coaching can be an invaluable tool for both individuals and organizations.

Executive coaches work with their clients to identify areas of improvement and set goals for developing new skills and behaviours.

They also provide guidance and support as their clients work to implement changes in their workplace.

Executive coaching can be an effective way to help business leaders improve their performance and achieve their goals.

I believe that by coaching executives, I can support them to live and work in successful ways. I provide a space to build a relationship of trust and discretion that is absolutely necessary when working with CEO’s and those in senior leadership positions.

I am known as a challenging and authentic coach, unafraid to ask the questions needed to ensure that my clients are the best they can be and addressing their coping strategies. My bespoke coaching model ensures that no stone is left un-turned as you ‘get out of the way of yourself.’

In the end as your Executive Coach, it’s about me understanding you, and you understanding yourself better. In order for you to be able to draw more on your strengths, which sometimes get depleted when working at a senior level. I support my clients to be true to themselves and be more authentic.

What is executive coaching?

For me coaching is a space where the client discovers what it is like to be really listened to. To be supported by a thinking partner who provides safety and attention so that they can discover more about themselves.

When we are given this space to think, brilliant things can happen: the imposter (the imposter syndrome) that often resides deep within us is drawn into the light and challenged. That changes things on so many levels.

For one thing it shows us what limiting beliefs we may have been living with. Gentle, but robust confidential coaching, examination on the truth of said beliefs can be revolutionary. It can appear to be an oxymoron that a successful person can be held captive by such limiting beliefs, but it is true. 

My bespoke coaching has been crafted over many years. 20 years as an accredited counsellor integrated with my work as an accredited executive leadership coach. This ensures that the coaching experience is a really holding experience. My 1000’s of hours spent listening to so many clients have resulted in a warm, vibrant, experienced, challenging, focused, confidential space that brings true freedom.

Changing lives, businesses, teams, marriages, and friendships.


How does executive coaching help your business?

Can you imagine if those you work with turned up as their best selves? Where they were fully present and were free to be creative and brilliant. The true talent that they are. Can you imagine what would happen if a business focused on the wellbeing of its people? Can you imagine how it would change an organisation if senior leaders were able to get on a bespoke executive coaching programme?

‘Leaders who lead with grace and integrity draw others to be their best selves too and the change is extraordinary.’

It would change everything:

  • Teamwork
  • Delivery of new projects
  • Staff retention
  • Shared vision
  • Relationships
  • Career progression
  • Growth of talent
  • Good mental health
  • Better relationships at home and at work
  • Fulfilment

And it really it goes without saying an improved bottom line.

What would executive coaching look like for you?
  • It is confidential and discrete providing a safe space to examine your life.
  • It challenges your work-life balance and stress levels
  • It supports you to manage when the rubber hits the road and there is nowhere to turn.
  • It challenges the unhealthy patterns and habits that may have developed over time
Would you benefit from Executive coaching?
  • If you are in a senior position and are aware that a confidential space to look at and understand yourself would be of benefit, then Executive coaching is for you.
  • If you are aware that the isolating factors that affect most leaders are resulting in habits that need to be addressed, then Executive coaching is for you.
  • If you are the visionary that drives the organisation, but have little time to understand yourself, then Executive coaching is for you.
  • If you are often stressed with the many plates you have to spin, then Executive coaching will enable you to re-frame and order your thoughts and life.


Does executive coaching need to be face to face?

Executives are by nature busy, productive people and so a versatility is necessary if executive coaching is to be accessed by them.

In order to accommodate and not limit those that I work with, I successfully use Zoom when appropriate. 

For more information about my bespoke Executive coaching services, please contact me today to book a free consultation

Would you benefit from executive coaching?

Senior leaders, c suite: CEO COO CFO. International and national.

It is for senior partners and heads of department.

 L & D and HR.

Project leaders and developers.

Business owners, SME’s

When is coaching helpful
  • When relationships are fraught
  • When someone is not thriving
  • When you are newly promoted
  • When mental health is suffering
  • When communication between people is difficult
  • When an organisation is going through change
  • When someone is going through bereavement
  • When teams are challenged
  • When the culture of a business needs a boost
  • When someone has an addiction

As a senior lead in the NHS the pandemic required us all to work in a totally different way. Redeployment of staff, realigning of services and working in a virtual world.

I felt comfortable from our first session. Susie was very easy to talk to and though, I thought I knew what I was planning to discuss at the session I was rather surprised that my emotions took over.

Susie provided a place for me to break down the barriers I had created and then use the materials as building blocks which are now enabling me to a stronger and more resilient person.  I found Susie supportive, non-judgmental but would also positively challenging. I set out looking for support on focusing on priorities, I achieved my objectives and much more.

I recommend Susie as a coach, if I have the opportunity to use her again I will.

Joy Coutts, Head of Children’s Universal Services B&D. Thames View Health Centre

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