Motivational Speaker

As a motivational speaker, my job is to inspire and challenge, to support people and organisations to bring about change, to grow and develop.

Based in Tunbridge Wells, my  work has taken me across Kent, into London and across the UK. I am often asked to take my story to venues up and down the country and across the world.

A motivational speaker is a person who is hired to help improve morale or motivation within a group.

This could be done through a variety of means such as giving speeches, workshops, or one-on-one coaching.

A good motivational speaker will be able to customize their approach based on the needs of their client. For example, if a company is going through tough economic times, a motivational speaker may give a talk about how to stay positive during difficult times.

Or, if a team is struggling to work together well, a motivational speaker may give a workshop on team building. Whatever the need, a good motivational speaker will be able to assess the situation and provide helpful and actionable advice.

Motivational speakers typically have a wide range of experience and knowledge in various fields, and they use this experience to deliver inspiring speeches that can motivate others to take action.

In many cases, motivational speakers are hired by businesses or organizations to deliver speeches to employees or members.

No matter the occasion, a motivational speaker can help to inspire and motivate others.

“I saw Susie speak at the Women Work event in Tunbridge Wells, 10th March 2017.  Susie was speaking as part of a series of health & well-being talks and stood out for two reasons.  Firstly, she stepped into someone else’s slot after a technical issue – not easy, and secondly her unwavering honesty on the subject of addiction.  Her talk took the format of a letter to her 19- year -old self – it was stripped bare, stark honesty about what she had experienced and come through.  I wasn’t expecting to hear such a moving & inspiring talk that day but her ability to deliver that talk with such clarity of voice & humour really touched me and at times bought a lump to my throat.  I admire anyone who can speak in public but even more so when the subject is so personal and at times tragic – how she kept it together I’ll never know.  In a world where we hide behind emails, texts & social media it was beyond refreshing to listen to a strong woman be totally honest about herself and as a result connect with everyone in that room on a very personal level.”

Caroline Newton, Director, Number

How do I do this?

 Well, I stick my head above the parapet and speak from a place of knowledge and experience, thus informing and shining a light in areas that are often ignored.

I use my story of freedom from addiction, my rise to fame as a model and subsequent fall from grace, to inspire people, challenge them about lifestyles and choices and let them know that they are not alone.

I tell my story with unswerving honesty ensuring all are able to relate to me.

I also challenge the status quo as I speak about the effects of pornography.

As a motivational speaker I challenge groups of men and women in various settings, from large arenas to small intimate groups. I am passionate about leaving no stone unturned in my life, in order to bring freedom to others.

Motivational Speaking Workshops

I am experienced at running group workshops within organisations with teams of men and women.

These can be part of a staff retreat, development or team building day.

They are fun, interactive workshops, that support and build great communication and understanding of how different we all are. Plus they support mental health creating more robust teams and organisations.

If you are interested in talking through the motivational speaking session options and workshops, please get in touch.

Speaking Engagements

My previous  motivational speaking engagements include clients such as:

  • BBC Radio
  • Radio Kent
  • Premier Radio
  • UCB Radio
  • Conferences & Well Being Events
  • Women Work – Royal Tunbridge Wells
  • Spring Harvest
  • New Wine
  • Burrswood
  • ‘Take courage’ Women’s Conference
  • Life Church Houston USA
  • Capo Valley Church Capistrano Southern California
  • Windhoek Church Namibia
  • Recovery Conferences

The sleep webinar was excellent, staff found it informative, engaging and inspired them to take positive action to improve their sleep. Susie has a relaxed, friendly style which made the webinar fun but full of impact.

Sue Merchant 

Workforce Transformation Lead

“Susie prepared a 2.5 hour workshop style presentation for our team of 30 in Tunbridge Wells. The time flew by and Susie kept the the pace going and managed to keep everyone on the task throughout.

Considering the dynamic of the team Susie enabled everyone to feel comfortable enough to push themselves even a lttle out of their comfort zone.

The feedback I have had from the team has been overwhelmingly positive and it has encouraged individuals to reflect on their own working style and identify the working style of colleagues in order to improve tea, work and collaboration.

I think that the best outcome has been that the workshop broke down some barriers and encouraged honest conversations to take place.”

K L Weller, Provider Management AXA

“I had the pleasure of hearing Susie speak at a recent networking meeting I attended. The topic was of a delicate nature and Susie spoke knowledgeably and with sensitivity, which kept the audience’s attention. Susie has an easy-going presentation style and is clearly passionate about her subject. I look forward to hearing another presentation from Susie in due course.”

Ian Shipman, your travel

“If you are looking for, and are interested in, somebody who speaks from the heart on matters of social conscience that concern us all, Susie is that somebody. She gives an inspired and heartfelt presentation which will grip your audience, giving everyone in the room something to reflect upon.”

Richard Smith, Eyemasters, Hastings

Get In Touch

I offer coaching in Tunbridge Wells, Maidstone, Sevenoaks, London and online via Zoom. Please get in touch via the form below, email or my mobile +447968669648 if you would like a chemistry call to discover if I am a good fit.