Business Team Coaching and communication skills coaching

Communication Skills Coaching. It is crucial in business that teams learn to communicate well both internally and externally, thus the need for communication skills coaching is of paramount importance.

In these days of high stress clashes can occur as staff are faced with working in open plan offices, possibly needing to hot-desk in order to maximise space.

The range and mix of personalities can bring forth all manner of problems.

The quiet introvert who cannot stand to shout across a space, will struggle to manage working in close proximity to the extrovert who thrives in the same environment.

Now in the pandemic, we are also faced with the dilemma of staff working from home and being isolated. The use of zoom groups can exacerbate the problem.

As people start to come back to the office in small groups, the impact of long periods alone is being revealed.

So, do you have staff who are struggling to believe that they can still perform in their role?

Staff that are failing to recognise their own abilities and fulfil their potential?

This can have a massive knock on effect in the office. The need to support mental health and create a good work environment and culture is paramount.

My Communication Coaching workshop and 1:1 coaching is here to help all personality types in your office.

Support your staff with communication skills coaching

Communication skills coaching that puts groups of staff together can provide a good environment to understand difference and thus discover the best way to communicate and get the best out of each other.

Providing 1:1 coaching sessions throughout an organisation changes the culture and environment. This results in less stress and absenteeism. Which in turn means that staff work to the best of their abilities

What about managing a project with so many involved, where everyone is singing from their own song sheet? How can communication skills coaching help them? I have discovered that 1:1 coaching with each member of staff, and then bringing them all together for communication skills coaching sessions works really well. Each person has had individual time with me and thus feels safe and can then speak and listen freely.

Do you have staff who lack motivation, why not find out why?

I am a Paradigm practitioner providing psychometric testing, behavioural assessments for teams to ensure effective team work that delivers results.

“Susie has been coaching 9 managers at all levels within our organisation over a period of six months.  Her approach has been flexible and adaptable and that makes a big difference when dealing with managers who have hectic timetables. She has made a significant difference to the behaviour of these managers – some have reported positive changes not only at work but in their personal lives. Manager’s
report an increase in confidence levels, particularly relating to handling difficult and challenging situations.  We have really valued Susie’s support and have no hesitation in recommending her.”

Kate Walker, Personnel Director, Hospice in the Weald

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