I write today as I have changed my tagline having started this blogging and coaching challenge.

So how do you realise your goal and I mine, how do we change our paths?

I like to read and be challenged. A recent article by Molly Cain in Forbes.com inspired some of the following and confirmed the way coaching works for me:

  • Creating a vision board: A great way to inspire in a coaching session. Look at where you want to go and find out how you will know you have got there. Who will you be?
  • Tell people: I am accountable to my family and friends and committed to my coaching experience. I am sharing this with everyone, my colleagues, you….
  • Walking a purposeful path, step by step: It is the long term goals made more manageable in small bites that ensure the path is sustainable.
  • Setting a date: what is the time-frame?
  • Realistic goals: Coaching is always about setting goals that are attainable. It is about being real, authentic. Changing direction does not mean you lose your skill-base. It is about applying all that you are into a new arena- for me that is coaching.
  • Stay the path: get the support you need. I always ask my clients who is supporting them as they start counselling and I will ask the same of my coaching clients. It is important to gather some support as this can be a rigorous journey. But, hey, you know what? It will be worth it in the end!

I look forward to sharing the next part of this experience very soon.