My journey as a coach has enabled me to understand what clients see as the strengths and qualities of a good coach. And to know what organisations want from the coaches that they use?
For business it’s all about the bottom line. How they increase revenue and how they increase efficiency?
However increased efficiency is not just about the need to stop wasting resources, it’s about not wasting people. It is about giving them the best opportunity to be all that they can. This is where a coach comes in, providing an opportunity to have a less stressful and healthier work-force.

So how do you know you are working with a top coach?
They deliver what counts; a restored work-force and an increased bottom line, but how?
After working as a therapist for 16 years, and now working as a coach, I think I know some very necessary qualities. I also believe that some qualities are only present if the coach understands and can read people.

So what constitutes a quality coach?

  • The ability to be present with many different personality types; to be able to put the most uncomfortable individual at their ease. To be able to understand and respond to unspoken messages.
  • To be able to facilitate the client to find new explorations of thought, and to be able to build a safe relationship and to put the them as ease.
  • The skill to enable a client to understand where their entrenched behaviours originate, and to discover new ways to move forward. Facilitating the client to find strengths that are maybe hidden, and thus achieve more success in the work and in life.
  • The ability to listen and be present, to use tools to enable growth and change. The ability to provide ways to challenge an unbalanced life through congruence. To develop a confidential trusting relationship, that ensures that goals are met in mutual collaboration.
  • To provide a safe, robust way to bring out the best in a client. It is always future based, but grounded in the present, sometimes reaching back into the past momentarily.

So there you have it. Want a healthier bottom line? Want your staff to thrive? Want to thrive yourself?

Then choose your coach with care.