Coaching: ensuring resilience in the corporate world.

Everyone suffers with stress, it’s how you manage it that counts!

* 1 in 5 are affected.
* Its the biggest cause of sickness.
* 103 million days are lost costing £1.24 billion

Source Health & Safety Executive
What systems do you have in place to support your staff within Human Resources? How do you provide emotional support? How do you ensure that stress, helpful in some circumstances, does not become a negative force?
What systems do you have in place when everything hits the fan and one of your most valued employees is unable to manage, and thus work outcomes are compromised?
How do you support that employee who, although capable, appears to be unable to achieve their full potential?

I provide coaching direct to individuals or via human resources.
Observable benefits:

  • Giving staff the opportunity to access support as soon the issues arise, can ensure safeguarding against more significant issues that ultimately affect payroll.
  • Providing additional support (another string to the bow) for HR in the appraisal process.
  • Financially beneficial; no more fighting fires with little effect.

I am accredited therapist with over 16 years experience working with individuals from the corporate sector. Now working as an Executive coach I am able to bring a depth to my work that enables the client to discover their own strengths, identify choices and improve performance.

I am a challenging yet supporting woman, who has developed her craft over many years. My desire is to enable individuals within the corporate world to live their lives fully, in work and in leisure.Coaching will give individuals space to take a wider look at their lives and succeed.

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