1. Success is often mooted as a by product of executive coaching. And the truth is success in its various forms really does happen within the coaching relationship. For some financial success is the driver that brings them into the executive coaching relationship. I suppose the question is whether you will increase your bottom line if you invest? My answer is organisations and individuals who do invest invariably do find a degree of increased financial success. Maybe it is down to discovering their own worth and so moving towards that promotion with confidence and resilience. Maybe it is about putting flesh on the dream and choosing to live it. Organisations who invest in executive coaching find that their talent really thrive and bring their best selves. The success is like a waterfall, it flows down to the teams where communication is improved, and creativity thrives.
  1. Resilience. Executive coaching increases levels of resilience. The need to be able to flex and work agile has increased in this world where everything has changed in so many ways. Mental health has been negatively impacted over the last few years and many are struggling. Resilience has become a prized commodity that can sometimes be thin on the ground. Executive coaching can provide a vital place to ‘put on your own oxygen mask’. To understand yourself at a deeper level and develop the core strengths needed to live well. This will support you to develop the next benefit, empathy.
  1. Empathy. Experiencing empathy in a coaching relationship can enable us to become more real, more authentic, more our true selves. To develop it as a skill as we learn to receive it can impact positively our relationships. To develop strong and robust relationships with people we need to become more empathic. Great leaders are empathic. They are robust, able to set aside their own agenda in favour of another’s needs. This is turn results in a leadership model that builds trust inviting the best relationship and work performance.
  1. It is my belief that integrity is a vital human quality. We could say that it is about loyalty, but I think it is something more. Honour is sometimes not seen as a strength or benefit as it ‘should go without saying’. But in so many circumstances and situations it is not seen or revered. When we operate with integrity, we bring the best version of ourselves into the world. To do this we must challenge any false views and assumptions we may hold. Executive coaching will provide the space to unearth the imposter syndrome that may keep you bound. Those limited beliefs can often result in us living and ‘performing’ in inauthentic ways.
  1. Social skills. All the above combine into better authentic communication, better social skills. This in turn will bring its own success. Successful work and home relationships. Social skills are not developed so easily in a world that uses screens so much of the time. There is no mirroring of another. No holding of eye contact and open body language. Thus, the development and tuning of these skills brings huge benefits. To understand how we are received and heard by others can prevent the collapse of departments, marriages, teams, families and friendships

So back to the beginning. Does executive coaching bring success?

Yes for all the reasons stated above.