Transforming Meetings Programme

Meetings can be a fantastic opportunity to share ideas, but sometimes they do not provide space needed for the best creative thinking. This programme focuses on making your meetings work better for you and others.

In these challenging times where many meetings are conducted remotely TMP can be adjusted to meet your needs.

What is it?

Using Nancy Kline’s 10 components from the Thinking environment as a base, it creates a vital model to enhance your meetings providing space for the most effective and innovative thinking.

It is comprised of a full day, or 2 half days which includes teaching around the components and then practice of the following:

  • Thinking pairs
  • Rounds
  • Open discussion
  • Dialogue
  • Time to think council
Who is it for?
  • If you lead or chair meetings regularly
  • If you want to energize and create a productive environment for you and your team or board.
  • You are aware that there are members of your team who regularly miss out on sharing their ideas.
  • If You feel under-confident about chairing meetings

Get In Touch

I offer coaching in Tunbridge Wells, Maidstone, Sevenoaks, London and online via Zoom. Please get in touch via the form below, email or my mobile +447968669648 if you would like a chemistry call to discover if I am a good fit.